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Audit of the financial statements and official books and documents in accordance with the provisions of the tax legislation.

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    Financial Advisory Services

    Our company thanks Chartered Accountant partners with free zone applications experience on-site, of companies in Turkey established in the free zones of the branch in their dealings with companies or free zone in relation with the center in Turkey made whether out risky practices are shared with management and support provided needed to be fixed. In addition, relations between group companies, expense sharing, reflecting expenses, within the group

    Control of the books to be kept in accordance with the law in terms of registration procedure and approval within the framework of all tax legislation, Value Added, Concise, Stamp tax, Provisional tax declarations and SSK. Of the accruals and accounting of their declarations by periods, control of personnel payroll as a whole by drilling method, drilling of invoices issued by the Company

    Subject and Characteristics of Corporate Tax Corporate Tax Full and Narrow Taxpayers and Their Properties (Capital Companies, Cooperatives, Economic Public Institutions, Economic Enterprises of Associations and Foundations, Joint Ventures), Revolving Fund Exemptions in Other Laws Exemptions Included in the Scope of Exemption According to the Corporate Tax Law

    • Characteristics of Commercial Activities • Partnership Structure of Individual Companies and Special Features of Taxation • Real-Time Taxation of First-Class Traders on Balance Sheet basis • Real-Time Taxation of Second-Class Traders on the basis of an Operating Account • Conditions for Transition from First-Class to First-Class