Our company thanks Chartered Accountant partners with free zone applications experience on-site, of companies in Turkey established in the free zones of the branch in their dealings with companies or free zone in relation with the center in Turkey made whether out risky practices are shared with management and support provided needed to be fixed. In addition, relations between group companies, expense sharing, reflecting expenses, within the group

Control of the books to be kept in accordance with the law in terms of registration procedure and approval within the framework of all tax legislation, Value Added, Concise, Stamp tax, Provisional tax declarations and SSK. Of the accruals and accounting of their declarations by periods, control of personnel payroll as a whole by drilling method, drilling of invoices issued by the Company

Subject and Characteristics of Corporate Tax Corporate Tax Full and Narrow Taxpayers and Their Properties (Capital Companies, Cooperatives, Economic Public Institutions, Economic Enterprises of Associations and Foundations, Joint Ventures), Revolving Fund Exemptions in Other Laws Exemptions Included in the Scope of Exemption According to the Corporate Tax Law

• Characteristics of Commercial Activities • Partnership Structure of Individual Companies and Special Features of Taxation • Real-Time Taxation of First-Class Traders on Balance Sheet basis • Real-Time Taxation of Second-Class Traders on the basis of an Operating Account • Conditions for Transition from First-Class to First-Class

VAT: Preparation of VAT Declarations 1 and 2, Accrual and notification and comparative analysis of declaration values by months and years. DISCLAIMER: Preparation of Concise Tax Declarations, Accrual and Notification and Detailed Reporting of the items constituting the Declaration. INCOME: Commercial Income (1st and 2nd class Traders and ordinary partnerships) Securities Income (Interest, Dividend, Trading income) Real Estate Capital (Rent Income) Preparation of Annual Income Tax Declarations on Other Income,

Establishment of a Foreign Company (Joint Stock and Limited) Opening of a Foreign Company Branch or Liaison Office Establishment of a Company in Free Zones Establishment of a Joint Stock Company Establishment of a Limited Liability Company Ordinary Partnership Establishment of a Private Company Company Transformation Transactions (from Ltd.Şti. To a Joint Stock Company or Reverse Conversion) Capital Increase and Capital Paid report arrangement Share Transfer Address Transfer Branch, Warehouse,

• The financial consultancy services we provide for our clients are as follows: • Continuous monitoring of changes in tax and SSK legislation, notification of changes in circular, • Control of monthly declarations, • Follow-up and control of company implementation in terms of accounting and tax • With company executives

The VAT refund procedure is a very long and demanding process for companies. Obtaining results from these transactions is possible only through a study in harmony with the Tax Administration. The services provided by our company in the process of issuing the certification report, receiving the cash refund and solving the guarantees provide advantages to the companies by accelerating the administrative process.

• Auditing of the company in accordance with applicable laws, generally accepted accounting standards and principles, modern business approach and profitability principle constitutes the subject of internal audit and this service is provided by experienced staff of our company. In addition, other audits we have made can be listed as; • Review of the Company's internal accounting system. • Company

• Estate and Taxation of Foreign Exchange Residential Rental Income • Estate and Taxation of Foreign Exchange Commercial Rental Income • refunds of the increased withholding tax receivables Commercial Rental Income • as an Elder of the Living Abroad TC Citizens Taxation of Real Estate Capital Annuity • Taxation of Foreign Nationals of rent earned Revenue in Turkey • Double