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Türkiye’de İrtibat Büroları (Laision Ofisler)

Establish a liaison office in Turkey As stated in 7. number of Foreign Direct Investment Law Implementation Regulation, the following documents will be filed with the Treasury to establish a liaison office in Turkey: a) The original copy of the Activity Document of the parent company, certified by the relevant Turkish Consulate or within the framework of the Hague States Private Law Conference, in accordance with the provisions of the Contract for the Abolition of Certification of Foreign Official Documents, b) Annual Report or balance sheet and income statement prepared about the parent company, c) The original of the authorization certificate to be given to the person who will be appointed to carry out the activities of the liaison office, d) In case the establishment of the liaison office is carried out through another person, the power of attorney. Again, as stated in article 6 of the related regulation; Applications regarding the establishment and extension of the period are concluded within 5 working days from the date of application, provided that the requested information / documents are complete and complete. Provisions on the Operation of Liaison Offices It is determined as follows by the regulation of the relevant law. Devamı..